This Christmas, pledge to the best you can be. Of course, you are master/mistress of the house, all within your fold feeling the warmth of their leader. Show your friends how self-possessed you are – patient, considerate, sure of yourself. Their love for you is a cinch, in your Christmas manifestation of yourself.

Best Gifts

The soulmates, friends or relatives, who share their joys and sorrows with you, are more than entitled to Silgo’s goodies! Lightweight and adjustable, bracelets are especially adorable. In a snap you are party prepped, with Silgo necklaces. Guaranteed chic, silver necklaces are rhapsodies of sheen, and can be illimitably molded to merge into different styles of outfit. Insta glam adders like these are highly prized by fashionable youth. Multi-taskers fit into any and all situations. This accounts for their ever-waxing popularity. It is possible to be a storyteller, bedecked in a Silgo necklace. There are other brilliants in our repertoire: rings, bands, bangles, pendants.

With your calm considerateness, you can spread joy all around, gifting the special folk in your life with tokens of your commitment to them. Minimalistic, eclectic, yet still imbued with a sense of your rich persona – Silgo’s dainties and brilliants light up their faces, verily like the Christmas Tree is lit up!

So, you do not forget those who are good to you. More power to you!

Xmas Challenge: Could you be good to those who have grown distant?

We pray cooled friendships may never afflict the lives of good people. But, in case you have been at the receiving end of some misunderstanding, resulting in the distancing of an erstwhile bosom friend – may we suggest the panacea?

Mindful Awareness is advocated by savants across the land, especially the Ivy League. It’s simply a tool to de-stress yourself, when you are facing stress. However, there are such deep layers in involved techniques that you can look inside yourself. Better yourself, and you can master problems.

Courage that wins back lost friends

Using Mindful Awareness techniques, you can cultivate empathy for yourself, and compassion for the estranged. You can go out-of-body for the duration of a meet-up, imagining you and the other as flabbergasted by a misunderstanding. It’s up to you to take the initiative and persuasively placate the former friend, so that , in their heart of hearts a spark will be lit. Compassionately, empathetically relating to them , you shall win back the regard of an affection long grown cold.

Mindful Awareness will help you distance yourself from emotions that damage positive relationships. If you play your cards right, you could verily welcome the erstwhile back into the fold.

This is where Silgo will help. Mesmerizing lost souls so that they see the Light. Christmas is the season of bonds and bonding.

Let’s add more Love to our lives this Christmas!