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Mother's Day

Mothers are just great! Even though mothers should receive attention and gratitude all year round, May 10th is the day when these wonderful people take center stage.

5 reasons why mothers are simply super (more so in rings!)

Every year you are faced with the question: What do I give for Mother’s Day? Jewelry, flowers or chocolate? Before we go into it, here are five reasons why moms are just great …

Reason 1: Nothing can be hidden from mothers.

Even if you try to hide grief and worry, you just can’t fool your own mother. One look is enough and it is immediately clear that something is worrying the child’s heart. You can hardly open up to another person like your own mom. Because nobody can offer so much true love and affection or give words of comfort as they!

Reason 2: Mothers are always right.

When you need good advice, your own mother is often the first point of contact. Even if opinions are often different, she always has the right words ready. And in the end she is usually right and you think “If only I had listened to my mom …”

Reason 3: Mothers are best friends.

It’s no secret: a mother is your best friend. Hardly any other person can be so open and vulnerable. With hardly any other person can you unload your frustration and just cry yourself out. After a bad day, a short conversation with Mum is enough and everything is fine immediately, because she always finds the right words.

Reason 4: Mothers are the epitome of selfless and unconditional love.

If there is a constant in life, it is a mother’s love. It is the purest and most honest form of love and affection. A mother just wants the best for her own child. However, that does not mean that they packed us in cotton wool – quite the contrary. And that’s exactly what we should be grateful to our mums for!

Reason 5: In their eyes we will always remain children.

There comes a point in life when children grow up. Suddenly you have to take responsibility and give up a bit of your child’s freedom. However, there is one place in this world where we can still be children as adults: at home with mom! The boundless love with which our mothers spoil us always makes us feel like children.

Fitting brilliants for mums, including rings :

Mother's Day Ring

You can express feelings and gratitude with jewelry. It is a gift that gives pleasure for a long time and is associated with special moments. Mothers in particular often put their own needs and desires as secondary. Now is the right time to surprise your own mom with a sparkling Mother’s Day gift! And the nice thing about it: Every time she wears the piece of adornment she will think of her beloved child.

Important: Before you decide on a piece of jewelry you should find out which parure your mother likes to wear: rather a filigree necklace, simple bracelets or rather earrings made of silver? Hardly any bond is stronger than that between mother and daughter. Why not celebrate Mother’s Day with lucky rings? The exquisite rings are available in different colors and with beautiful motifs.

Traditional approaches, besides pendants :

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful bouquet! It doesn’t sound particularly imaginative, but that’s what makes it so charming. The bouquet for Mother’s Day is simply the classic. Together with a card you have written yourself, this Mother’s Day gift is given a personal touch.

The classic Mother’s Day gift is of course a bouquet of flowers with a personal gift card on which you can express your gratitude for everything your mother has done for you over the past few years, delicious chocolates or other tempting sweets or something made with love. Often, mothers are also given an invitation to a festive dinner at which you can really be served.

Mother’s Day gifts that come from the heart . You hear this sentence too often, but here it really only comes down to one thing: the gift must come from the heart. It doesn’t always have to be the biggest and most expensive surprise, often small gifts have a much bigger effect. It’s the simpler things in life that make you happy.

This includes spending time with loved ones! In hectic everyday life, there is often not enough time for the family. So use May 10th to spend some time with your mother.

Special decorations & honors , in necklaces, earrings :

Mother's Day Earring

But of course there are countless gift ideas for Mother’s Day, such as a personalized piece of bijouterie, a very special and permanent gift.

You have probably ended up here because you are looking for very special gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

With us you will find very fine and individual embellishers for Mother’s Day, which your mother will enjoy for a long time.

We offer a huge selection of high quality name chains and personalized bling of the highest quality. Whether mother’s necklace, bracelet, ring, earring – silver, gold-plated even, with us you will find the right Mother’s Day gift for every taste, which will certainly find a special place in your mother’s jewelry box. Show with a personalized piece of garniture that your mother is something very special to you.

In our categories you will find a huge selection of individual handmade regalia that will make your mother’s heart beat faster. Solitaire jewelry is also very trendy, which we have in countless variants on offer and which is a real eye-catcher. Popular Mother’s Day gifts include also our popular zodiac necklaces, which represent the importance of the family as well as the wearer.

Mother's Day Necklace

Necklaces are most apt ! :

Surprise your mother this year with a very special piece of garnishment from our collections – the most important thing is to make this An Unforgettable Day!

We at Silgo also wish all mothers and grandmothers a wonderful Mother’s Day: You Are Just Great!

It is generally agreed that jewelry is a high value object. It requires great skill to produce. Intrinsic value in terms of materials used is also high. And when you do decide to gift someone jewelry, they are bound to be beholden to you for ages. Simply because it takes a lot of care and consideration on your part to select that brilliant. You care a lot for that friend – and she feels it, with gratitude.

Where do Gift Ideas come from?

You have to give jewelers and their artisans credit – they produce such a plethora of articles it is simply exhausting to go thru a good catalog. For starters – when embarking on that cogitating journey on where to begin – just consider whether she has a good/high opinion of jewelry in general. Even women who are ‘immune’ to the mania that promotes jewelry consumption, give in periodically. After all, jewelry is an essential part of any socialite’s ensemble.

All you have to do is ascertain what is it she goes for.

You will have a kind of prepare a ‘secret dossier’ on her jewelry likes. Which designs, which metals, does she prefer? High-end or affordable? Is she the rambunctious party animal, with layered necklaces flying around her form as she makes her moves on the dance floor? Is she a demure beauty, who goes in for understatement?

Metal Type: Consider her preferred metals. A good rule of thumb is white gold and silver for fair skin; rose gold goes well with both light and darker skin tones. Yellow gold looks great on tanned skin.

Gemstones or diamonds: Whether they use gemstones or diamonds, it pays to note the color of friends’ jewelry. This helps in deciding the gift.

Bold or subtle: as per her personality, your friend wears bold necklaces or understated bracelets. You need to be sure what she’s like, when you go about choosing that gift.

Type of Jewelry: Some wear a lot of jewelry – earrings, rings, bangles, necklaces – while others prefer only one brilliant at a time (a pendant, for instance). You need to observe your friend’s preferments as regards jewelry as well as frequency thereof.

All heart-felt friendships are precious. Regardless of how important you think she is on a scale of 1 to 10 – if you feel you cannot do without her, go ahead – gift her jewelry for her birthday. Not only the thought counts. The tangible object in her hands, will be a constant reminder of how much you have cherished her association with you.

Some winning ideas:

Necklace that’s personalized

When she sees her persona (or part thereof) reflected in the necklace, she will be bowled over. It will stagger her to see her initials are on a pendant. If she’s really, really special, you could place your own initials next to her in that custom made pendant.

A phrase that’s meaningful to her, or a song lyric that could remind her of good times together – would be a cinch. An image transfer onto the pendant is doable – she will be at a loss for words!

Pendants of Elegance:

Heart pendant necklace, or pearl diamond necklace – if pendants are her thing, you have her attention! Appending following symbols lays on the charm thick –

  • Horseshoe – for luck!
  • Key – leads to your heart!
  • Butterfly – pure joy!
  • Infinity – you are here to stay;
  • Anchor – permanence of affections.

Charm Bracelet:

Gift her a charm bracelet to remind her of her growth. A charm may be presented each year to the same bracelet.

Promise Rings:

If she has become vital to your breath, it’s about time you gifted her a promise ring. It would promise your seriousness as to engagement in the not-far-away future. A birthday is just the right occasion for such a present!

Birthstones: Finally, it would not be a bad idea to finds out the gemstone that corresponds to her month of birth. It would show a great deal of thoughtfulness on your part to gift gemstone jewelry. Do not forget to underscore the significance of the birthstone, in case she’s curious to know exactly why that particular gemstone was chosen by you.

This Christmas, pledge to the best you can be. Of course, you are master/mistress of the house, all within your fold feeling the warmth of their leader. Show your friends how self-possessed you are – patient, considerate, sure of yourself. Their love for you is a cinch, in your Christmas manifestation of yourself.

Best Gifts

The soulmates, friends or relatives, who share their joys and sorrows with you, are more than entitled to Silgo’s goodies! Lightweight and adjustable, bracelets are especially adorable. In a snap you are party prepped, with Silgo necklaces. Guaranteed chic, silver necklaces are rhapsodies of sheen, and can be illimitably molded to merge into different styles of outfit. Insta glam adders like these are highly prized by fashionable youth. Multi-taskers fit into any and all situations. This accounts for their ever-waxing popularity. It is possible to be a storyteller, bedecked in a Silgo necklace. There are other brilliants in our repertoire: rings, bands, bangles, pendants.

With your calm considerateness, you can spread joy all around, gifting the special folk in your life with tokens of your commitment to them. Minimalistic, eclectic, yet still imbued with a sense of your rich persona – Silgo’s dainties and brilliants light up their faces, verily like the Christmas Tree is lit up!

So, you do not forget those who are good to you. More power to you!

Xmas Challenge: Could you be good to those who have grown distant?

We pray cooled friendships may never afflict the lives of good people. But, in case you have been at the receiving end of some misunderstanding, resulting in the distancing of an erstwhile bosom friend – may we suggest the panacea?

Mindful Awareness is advocated by savants across the land, especially the Ivy League. It’s simply a tool to de-stress yourself, when you are facing stress. However, there are such deep layers in involved techniques that you can look inside yourself. Better yourself, and you can master problems.

Courage that wins back lost friends

Using Mindful Awareness techniques, you can cultivate empathy for yourself, and compassion for the estranged. You can go out-of-body for the duration of a meet-up, imagining you and the other as flabbergasted by a misunderstanding. It’s up to you to take the initiative and persuasively placate the former friend, so that , in their heart of hearts a spark will be lit. Compassionately, empathetically relating to them , you shall win back the regard of an affection long grown cold.

Mindful Awareness will help you distance yourself from emotions that damage positive relationships. If you play your cards right, you could verily welcome the erstwhile back into the fold.

This is where Silgo will help. Mesmerizing lost souls so that they see the Light. Christmas is the season of bonds and bonding.

Let’s add more Love to our lives this Christmas!

New Year’s Eve parties draw near! Aren’t you all revved up? We at Silgo are!

The last day of December leads to the Biggest Night of the Year. Simply because the New Year will see your commitments’ consummation.

At least you will make a valiant effort to realize all those dreams (!)

So New Year’s Eve parties do have a scientific purpose. It’s only logical that the party remind you of your pledge to give yourself your very best.

New Year, New You.

Sun-kissed bright at Midnight!

Party the New Year in!

LBDs are the answer to your prayers, in case you are undecided about your party-ensemble. Silver jewelry will make you scintillate against Midnight. As the fireworks go off, your cubic zirconia will rival their sparks. Light catching brilliants will simply compel every pair of eyes to gravitate towards you.

 Add that distinguished verve to your style! Let Silgo’s bracelets grace your wrists. You are party prepped at moment’s notice, in our bracelets. Slip them on for that gorgeous elegance. What eludes your rivals, is yours to have.  You have a minimalist look with maximum flair, making you fit for any social event – let alone New Year’s Eve parties! If you are into layering, you just pile on the pleasures!   For adding that elusive, bubbly, exhilarating, edgy va-va-voom to your ensemble, you need only slip on a Silgo sterling silver necklace.

The fashionistas and silveristas find our bracelets completely harmonious with the trends. For that on-trend look, slip on recherche slim bracelets. Bespoke pieces that verily amp up your elegance are all here – at Silgo’s! Let luxury drip from your fingers, let every opportunity for socialization be turned to treasure.

Your individuality becomes sun-kissed bright in our scintillating silver. Bracelets, dainty things that they are, are just made for piling and matching. With a stack of brilliants, you can only succeed in stealing the show. You can pair them up with other jewelry too. There are limitless possibilities for personalization.

There are several elements to necklaces that enable their versatility. Long chains are amenable to artful artifices. You immediately see a bagful of enjoyable tricks there. Necklaces especially save you if you are worried about compatibility with your regular outfits. For example, regardless of the cut of your neckline, these brilliants are easily modified to go with the outfit of the day (or night!).

Live up to your reputation of being a dedicated party animal.

Cozy night in  

Understated charm.

It makes absolutely good reasoning to devote New Year’s Eve to the Significant Other. In which case, you want to grow further into their being. Bedecked resplendence, albeit on a subtler plane, does achieve that effect.

Apparently understated but sublimely luxurious, our necklaces shower you silver rays. By themselves, they are such cuties! When layered with other jewelry, our necklaces are overwhelming.

Understated grace in our bands. Bands are good for knotted, twisted designs – and we do have a few of our own world-beaters.  The relaxed elegance is expressive of dignified gaiety.  

 Bands and rings are amazingly fluid, as far as couture goes. You can shape and re-shape your look, but with our brilliants you will never run out of ideas. It is possible to wear a stack of delectable bands, to create an ethnic or Bohemian look. Fluidity is granted by the addition of bands to a ring.

For the quiet, contemplative personality, we have de rigueur brilliants that emphasize your gravitas. Each Silgo brilliant is a signature piece. Each design is an absolute honey. On its own it gives a touch of minimalist chic. It is akin to wrapping a shred of moonbeam around your finger. For a mixing in of ebullient elegance in your style, choose our brilliants of touchable texture and otherworldly hue. Let each gesture of yours be imbued with a grand ‘look-at-me’ flourish, a Silgo brilliant glinting glamorously on your finger.

Whether you are going to smash the dance floor or cozy up in front of the fireplace, Silgo will not remind you of your duty to be your very best. It’s an inveterate trait you have always had. So, when you choose Silgo to be your companion on momentous occasions, you know it makes eminent sense.

The new year’s knocking on your door! It’s about time you got ready for Fashion 2020. We bring you up to speed with all the trends that are going to materialize, come 2020. You would be most pleasantly surprised – being au courant was never easier.

The emphasis will be on ‘Big’ and Bigness’. Big is in. Which means you will have to coax out that sleeping giant slumbering inside you. The Ego. Feel one with the Universe. Believe that You are always right. Be empathetic towards friends and strangers – win them over with patient compassion. Have the Magnanimity of a Grandiose Vision. Lead the pack.

Colorful Jewelry   As kids we all were one with the Universe. Doubt had nary a role to play. And other kids seldom fought us (or the rivalries were never that serious).

Get your skin inside that childishness again. Colorful jewelry is making a sweeping comeback. Lucky for us that it is possibly to slip in silver and gemstones into this madness! Have fun on this Time Machine ride. Accessorize, improvise!

Single Earring   It really does take a healthy Ego to wear a single earring. Don’t be afraid of looking strange. Make sure the earring makes a bold statement. ‘Loud’ is the word. But also, elegant. Anyways, wearing your single earring is definitely going to be oodles of fun. Quite a trip.

Oversized Chains   Clunky chunkiness coming your way. Oversized chains are going to overwhelm us. Temper the bigness with your necklace layering skills. There’s actually room for the small ’uns  as well. Survey the future Cynosure in the mirror.

Pearls       Pearls are going to be back with a seething vehemence. Sweeten this pearly vengeance, by mixing styles. Accessorize, accessorize. Pearls are set to be fierce all across the board. Ubiquitous. They will be in (on?) your ears, on your head (tiaras?!?) Definitely fun!

Invasion of the Hoops   Power hoops shall be all the Expansionist, taking over ensembles nation-wide in a rambunctious rampage. 2020 – Amp up the Glam, with your favorite Mega-Size hoops!

Chokers    Detailed, sophisticated chokers will be vying for general attention. Get that thinking cap on – which ones would suit you best? And keep them Big.

Luckily for us gemstones and cubic zirconia will be invited.

Glam Tassels   Gemstones in long dangling earrings, in tassel style variants, are gearing up to make all ensembles look that much better.

Shoe Jewelry   Remember those days as kids, when we girls used to marvel over anklets? The heydays of the Anklet are on their way back! Favor anklets. And don’t forget to loop chains around your footwear. Sorry Sting/The Police – this year we will be wrapped not ‘around your finger’, but rather ‘around your shoe’. (!!)