It is generally agreed that jewelry is a high value object. It requires great skill to produce. Intrinsic value in terms of materials used is also high. And when you do decide to gift someone jewelry, they are bound to be beholden to you for ages. Simply because it takes a lot of care and consideration on your part to select that brilliant. You care a lot for that friend – and she feels it, with gratitude.

Where do Gift Ideas come from?

You have to give jewelers and their artisans credit – they produce such a plethora of articles it is simply exhausting to go thru a good catalog. For starters – when embarking on that cogitating journey on where to begin – just consider whether she has a good/high opinion of jewelry in general. Even women who are ‘immune’ to the mania that promotes jewelry consumption, give in periodically. After all, jewelry is an essential part of any socialite’s ensemble.

All you have to do is ascertain what is it she goes for.

You will have a kind of prepare a ‘secret dossier’ on her jewelry likes. Which designs, which metals, does she prefer? High-end or affordable? Is she the rambunctious party animal, with layered necklaces flying around her form as she makes her moves on the dance floor? Is she a demure beauty, who goes in for understatement?

Metal Type: Consider her preferred metals. A good rule of thumb is white gold and silver for fair skin; rose gold goes well with both light and darker skin tones. Yellow gold looks great on tanned skin.

Gemstones or diamonds: Whether they use gemstones or diamonds, it pays to note the color of friends’ jewelry. This helps in deciding the gift.

Bold or subtle: as per her personality, your friend wears bold necklaces or understated bracelets. You need to be sure what she’s like, when you go about choosing that gift.

Type of Jewelry: Some wear a lot of jewelry – earrings, rings, bangles, necklaces – while others prefer only one brilliant at a time (a pendant, for instance). You need to observe your friend’s preferments as regards jewelry as well as frequency thereof.

All heart-felt friendships are precious. Regardless of how important you think she is on a scale of 1 to 10 – if you feel you cannot do without her, go ahead – gift her jewelry for her birthday. Not only the thought counts. The tangible object in her hands, will be a constant reminder of how much you have cherished her association with you.

Some winning ideas:

Necklace that’s personalized

When she sees her persona (or part thereof) reflected in the necklace, she will be bowled over. It will stagger her to see her initials are on a pendant. If she’s really, really special, you could place your own initials next to her in that custom made pendant.

A phrase that’s meaningful to her, or a song lyric that could remind her of good times together – would be a cinch. An image transfer onto the pendant is doable – she will be at a loss for words!

Pendants of Elegance:

Heart pendant necklace, or pearl diamond necklace – if pendants are her thing, you have her attention! Appending following symbols lays on the charm thick –

  • Horseshoe – for luck!
  • Key – leads to your heart!
  • Butterfly – pure joy!
  • Infinity – you are here to stay;
  • Anchor – permanence of affections.

Charm Bracelet:

Gift her a charm bracelet to remind her of her growth. A charm may be presented each year to the same bracelet.

Promise Rings:

If she has become vital to your breath, it’s about time you gifted her a promise ring. It would promise your seriousness as to engagement in the not-far-away future. A birthday is just the right occasion for such a present!

Birthstones: Finally, it would not be a bad idea to finds out the gemstone that corresponds to her month of birth. It would show a great deal of thoughtfulness on your part to gift gemstone jewelry. Do not forget to underscore the significance of the birthstone, in case she’s curious to know exactly why that particular gemstone was chosen by you.