New Year’s Eve parties draw near! Aren’t you all revved up? We at Silgo are!

The last day of December leads to the Biggest Night of the Year. Simply because the New Year will see your commitments’ consummation.

At least you will make a valiant effort to realize all those dreams (!)

So New Year’s Eve parties do have a scientific purpose. It’s only logical that the party remind you of your pledge to give yourself your very best.

New Year, New You.

Sun-kissed bright at Midnight!

Party the New Year in!

LBDs are the answer to your prayers, in case you are undecided about your party-ensemble. Silver jewelry will make you scintillate against Midnight. As the fireworks go off, your cubic zirconia will rival their sparks. Light catching brilliants will simply compel every pair of eyes to gravitate towards you.

 Add that distinguished verve to your style! Let Silgo’s bracelets grace your wrists. You are party prepped at moment’s notice, in our bracelets. Slip them on for that gorgeous elegance. What eludes your rivals, is yours to have.  You have a minimalist look with maximum flair, making you fit for any social event – let alone New Year’s Eve parties! If you are into layering, you just pile on the pleasures!   For adding that elusive, bubbly, exhilarating, edgy va-va-voom to your ensemble, you need only slip on a Silgo sterling silver necklace.

The fashionistas and silveristas find our bracelets completely harmonious with the trends. For that on-trend look, slip on recherche slim bracelets. Bespoke pieces that verily amp up your elegance are all here – at Silgo’s! Let luxury drip from your fingers, let every opportunity for socialization be turned to treasure.

Your individuality becomes sun-kissed bright in our scintillating silver. Bracelets, dainty things that they are, are just made for piling and matching. With a stack of brilliants, you can only succeed in stealing the show. You can pair them up with other jewelry too. There are limitless possibilities for personalization.

There are several elements to necklaces that enable their versatility. Long chains are amenable to artful artifices. You immediately see a bagful of enjoyable tricks there. Necklaces especially save you if you are worried about compatibility with your regular outfits. For example, regardless of the cut of your neckline, these brilliants are easily modified to go with the outfit of the day (or night!).

Live up to your reputation of being a dedicated party animal.

Cozy night in  

Understated charm.

It makes absolutely good reasoning to devote New Year’s Eve to the Significant Other. In which case, you want to grow further into their being. Bedecked resplendence, albeit on a subtler plane, does achieve that effect.

Apparently understated but sublimely luxurious, our necklaces shower you silver rays. By themselves, they are such cuties! When layered with other jewelry, our necklaces are overwhelming.

Understated grace in our bands. Bands are good for knotted, twisted designs – and we do have a few of our own world-beaters.  The relaxed elegance is expressive of dignified gaiety.  

 Bands and rings are amazingly fluid, as far as couture goes. You can shape and re-shape your look, but with our brilliants you will never run out of ideas. It is possible to wear a stack of delectable bands, to create an ethnic or Bohemian look. Fluidity is granted by the addition of bands to a ring.

For the quiet, contemplative personality, we have de rigueur brilliants that emphasize your gravitas. Each Silgo brilliant is a signature piece. Each design is an absolute honey. On its own it gives a touch of minimalist chic. It is akin to wrapping a shred of moonbeam around your finger. For a mixing in of ebullient elegance in your style, choose our brilliants of touchable texture and otherworldly hue. Let each gesture of yours be imbued with a grand ‘look-at-me’ flourish, a Silgo brilliant glinting glamorously on your finger.

Whether you are going to smash the dance floor or cozy up in front of the fireplace, Silgo will not remind you of your duty to be your very best. It’s an inveterate trait you have always had. So, when you choose Silgo to be your companion on momentous occasions, you know it makes eminent sense.